Apollo Product’s Products and Services

Apollo Product’s Products and Services2020-01-22T17:49:43-05:00

Our Products

Apollo’s tool and die shop employs sixteen and has all of the standard milling, and grinding capabilities. We also have a bank of CNC milling machines giving us the ability to manufacture tooling for the vast majority of all of our customers’ parts. We use ProCam/CamWorks CNC programming software and our design department utilizes Kubotek’s KeyCreator full 3D CAD software. This software allows us to import almost any file format you have so we can design using your part models.


  • Chord Width Gages
  • Pitch Thickness Gages
  • Trailing Edge Thickness Gages
  • Snag Grind Gages
  • Guillotine Contour Gages
  • Non contact Laser Gages
  • Fully Automated electronic Gages


  • CMM Fixtures
  • Marking Fixtures
  • Multiple station CNC/Tombstone Fixtures
  • Impact Grind (Snag) Fixtures
  • Milling and Drilling Fixtures
  • Test Fixtures for Water flow and Airflow

Component Wax Dies

  • Runner dies
  • Sprue dies
  • Heat Shield Dies
  • Gating Dies
  • Chill Dies