Apollo Products Inc.

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About Apollo Products, Inc.

apollo-about-usApollo Products, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Jesse Baden and Michael Scanlon, pooling together their many years of diverse experience in the aerospace tooling industry. Over time, they have developed a successful business focused on quality and on time delivery.

Apollo Products, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of gages, fixtures, and component wax dies.

Apollo Products, Inc. also features an engineering team with over 40 years of combined experience. Along with our dependable engineering team, Apollo Products, Inc. also boasts a complete tool shop with experienced machinists and assemblers. The tool shop also contains multiple 5 axis machining centers and 3D printers. With the expertise of the American worker, we are moving ahead with technology.

We at Apollo Products Inc. stress continued emphasis on delivering first-rate products, both on time and to customer specifications. The commitment to ongoing quality and service has allowed Apollo Products, Inc. to become ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are also in the GE yellow pages as a supplier of non-traditional machining services.

We strive to give our customers an experience that keeps them coming back time and time again.