API-Trucast Inc.

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About API-Trucast, Inc.


API-Trucast, Inc. came about as the merger of two highly competent and complimentary companies in January of 2018. These companies had worked together in the past, and hold similar values and philosophies, striving to always meet customers’ needs.

API-Trucast, Inc. provides support services to the aerospace manufacturing and industrial gas turbine industries through ceramic core preparation, wax injection, plastic injection, wax pattern dressing and assembly, and casting finishing.

API-Trucast, Inc. is attentive to customer needs and has expanded to better serve them with capabilities in wax pattern injection, pattern finishing, assembly, and manufacturing of complete “dip ready” clusters. API-Trucast, Inc.’s white light and CMM inspection capabilities, complement the team of pattern finishers ensuring customers receive quality patterns.

API-Trucast, Inc. utilizes resources to the fullest, running up to three shifts in four departments to satisfy all of our customer needs.